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  1. Hi can you injector fault diagnose whilst I wait , have a volkswagan touran 1.9 , with a possibility of one injector leaking. Many thanks

  2. I have a Fiat Grande Punto with a 1.3L Multijet turbo common rail diesel. Since buying the car 2nd hand with 12,500 miles on the clock, (now at 55,000) it has always run unevenly, with what sounds like a ‘prominant’ cylinder, and often produces a ‘diesel rattle’ when accelerating at low revs. I didn’t think common rail injection systems were supposed to do this? Additionally, when this last warm weather came, this ‘rattle’ disappeared! The engine is mechanically sound and the ‘rattle’ does not appear when full throttle is used.
    I have resumed my search for a solution as the car will be difficult to sell with this ‘rattle’ still present!
    Can you help, please?

    • Hi Terry,

      This sounds like a possible injector issue.

      the best course of action would be to either book the vehicle in with us or remove the injectors for us to test.

  3. Hi I have bmw E82 123d 2007 Msport coupe, my issue is smoke on idle it’s white and burns my eyes it’s not condensation I don’t use any oil or water the car runs fine with no misfiring or warning lights on, starts first time but when engine warms up it gets better still present from exhaust and more present if reved up, I have changed.engine oil, Egr and Egr cooler as cooler flap was seized. But this has made no difference.I have also used injection cleaner but no difference. Any help would be great

    • Hi Stu,

      Many apologies for the late reply.

      This could be down to neat fueling by your injectors.

      Could you confirm if your vehicle has a dpf fitted?

      if the DPF is blocked this can cause the injectors to overfuel to try and facilitate a regen to burn the soot content.

  4. good morning

    I have a 2006 mazda 3 1.6td, I have just replaced the EGR valve wich was faulty, it ran great for a few days but then it started stalling and being difficult to start. it will start ok if I bump start it say down a small incline or by towing. If I drive nicely it doesnt seem to do it as often, do this but if i am being a bit more aggressive it seems to cause this fault.

    any advice is appreciated

    • Hi Steven,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      This sounds like a SCV ( suction control valve) fault, which is fairly common on these engines.

      Feel free to call our workshop on 01509 633300 Option 2


  5. Hi there! I’ve got a 97 pajero , 2,8 diesel jap import. It starts on the buton, the engine works fine but after a couple of minutes it stops. Turn on the key again, it starts and it stops again. This is hapening a few times every morning on cold. I was told that is due to a Seal in the fuel pump. Could you provide it? If yes, how much it costs including postage to ireland? PS. The jeep was parked up for more than one year before. Thanks!

  6. Hi
    My client is looking for 6 injectors and 6 fuel inlets to be repaired.
    Part numbers for injectors 28300957, 0986435508
    Part numbers for inlets F00RJ00414

    Model: ATKINSON
    Make: Seddon
    Reg: YK55AZA (UK REG)

    Do you repair these, and if yes can i get a quote and time taken please.

    Also if selling as well would like a quote too.

    Jack kay

    • Hi Jack,

      We can supply both Inlet connectors and Reconditioned injectors.

      We can also repair your injectors but this would take 2-3 Working days Approx.

      Please contact me on / 01509 633314 to discuss cost and timescale.


  7. Hi I have a 2003 polo s tdi 1.4 diesel and it started cutting out on me. It starts, but once it gets passes 2000 revs it will just cut out?!

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