Reman VW and Land Rover EUIs

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Get your Denso Lambda Sensors here!

Trouble finding Toyota RAV4 lambda sensors Seized oxygen sensors in the catalytic convertor are a common problem in the Toyota RAV4, but it can be tricky for independent garages to track down the requisite replacement part, driving RAV4 owners towards the only available option of visiting a main dealership to have their vehicle’s lambda sensor replaced. But now there’s an…

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TT secures prime slot in CAT Magazine

Never one to be lost for words on the subject of the benefit that remanufacturing can bring to the automotive aftermarket, our MD Chris Paxman was recently asked by CAT Magazine to comment on the future of remanufacturing, and the challenges and opportunities it faces. As you can imagine, he jumped at the chance! Here’s just a little taster: “In…

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TT backs winner at British Truck Racing Championship!

This weekend saw the TT logo hurtling around the prestigious race circuit at Donington Park, proudly emblazoned on Mat Summerfield’s MAN truck. Thousands came to watch the fifth British Truck Racing Championship event of the season, and while Mat was ranked top in the leaderboard, few anticipated he would win every race he entered. Even when the Group B trucks…

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Protect your vehicle today with the new TruckMinder system

With fuel prices higher than ever and the cost of replacement parts not inconsiderable, commercial vehicles are proving tempting targets for criminals. We’ve seen the cost of diesel rise – a record high of £1.50 per litre this year – and diesel particulate filters costing more than £1000 to replace.  As such, thieves need to be deterred in order for…

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