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Trouble finding Toyota RAV4 lambda sensors

Seized oxygen sensors in the catalytic convertor are a common problem in the Toyota RAV4, but it can be tricky for independent garages to track down the requisite replacement part, driving RAV4 owners towards the only available option of visiting a main dealership to have their vehicle’s lambda sensor replaced.

But now there’s an alternative. We are now stocking the OE part used in the Toyota RAV4, the Denso OX lambda sensor DMA 0108. This quality OE part benefits from a corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction complete with PTFE filter to block contaminants that might otherwise affect efficiency, and a refined zirconia element for a better sensor response – the end result of which is increased performance and reduced fuel consumption. In addition, Denso’s First Time Fit® promise offers excellent peace of mind that you’ll never have to carry out the same repair twice.

This addition to the TT range means that not only will the aftermarket benefit from additional work, but RAV4 owners will benefit from a more competitively priced repair!

To order, or simply to double-check a reg plate against this part number, please contact one of our sales agents on 0800 018 1812.

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