Reman VW and Land Rover EUIs

Remanufactured VW and Land Rover EUIs offer best value

We at TT have always been very proud of our remanufactured diesel pumps and injectors, and we’re constantly striving to make sure our range meets the needs of our customers. One of our most popular ranges is the Bosch Electronic Unit Injector fitted to 1.9 and 2.0T Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagon applications.  Then there’s the Delphi EUI fitted to many Land Rover models.

But perhaps you’re still not convinced whether you should consider a remanufactured part? Let us explain…

There’s a lot to be said for offering customers a choice between repaired, remanufactured and new parts, but when given all the facts it’s unusual for a motorist not to choose a reman part – in fact in RRemanufactured electrical unit injectors eMaTec’s survey of more than 1,000 garage customers, 81% opted for a remanufactured part when the options were explained to them. It’s the combination of a lower price point, but equivalent reliability and comprehensive 12 month warranty to new that usually swings it, and all without the additional waiting time that would be the trade-off if choosing a cheaper (although potentially less reliable) repaired part.

So a remanufactured part is often considered the best option by many well-informed motorists, but what exactly is remanufacturing? Accurately stated, it is defined as bringing a product back to its original specification through a combination of genuine spares, approved test equipment, trained personnel and relevant software. So basically, the rigorous process ensures it’s as good as new – yet cheaper.

Garages and repairers that can give customers the choice stand to benefit in several ways. Not only will they convey a higher level of technical expertise, but customers’ expectations can be better managed and set at the outset, moving the emphasis away from cost and towards quality and service. This can only be good for customer retention and referral, and the bottom line is also improved by a faster turnaround and higher invoice values.

For more details on our range of remanufactured diesel pumps and injectors, please call us on 0800 018 1812.

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