Holger Christiansen was established in Denmark in 1963. In 1985, the first UK sales subsidiary was established in Nottingham and has remained in the city ever since. In 2008, the Holger Christiansen group was acquired by Bosch.
Holger Christiansen exports to more than 80 countries around the world and our 50 years’ experience in the auto electrical segment, as well as belonging to the Bosch Group, means that we have vast technical expertise and experience behind our products and our people.
At HC-CARGO, quality is taken seriously. Our products are developed by our trading partners and the HC-CARGO logo on the packaging stands for our high quality standards. To constantly ensure high quality, our processes follow strict regulations.
The HC-CARGO ordering and management processes are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Certified management processes are also something we expect from our suppliers. They are all DIN EN ISO 9001 or TS 16949 certified.

Segments We Cover

The HC-CARGO automotive product range offers workshops and independent garages a comprehensive aftermarket portfolio which includes the most common passenger cars to ensure high market coverage.

Trucks, Trailers & Buses
The HC-CARGO product range offers workshops and independent garages a comprehensive aftermarket portfolio which includes the most common light and heavy commercial vehicles to ensure high market coverage.

We offer a wide selection of parts and accessories for agricultural machinery. You will find all the electrical parts you need to repair agricultural applications, from spare parts for starters and alternators to the starters and alternators themselves, A/C compressors, lighting products and many other auto-electrical spares.

Industrial applications must meet many requirements, mainly focused on power, endurance and cleanliness. HC-CARGO offers solutions for the most common applications based on full system competence. In our industrial assortment we offer a wide selection of units, spare parts and accessories.

HC-CARGO also supplies units and parts for marine applications/technology. You can easily find perfect solutions for the most common applications. Our products live up to future environmental requirements. HC-CARGO is your reliable, long-term spare parts supplier.

The HC-CARGO range offers solutions that are perfectly designed for motorcycles and cover a wide range of applications.

Our Product Portfolio

Starters and Alternators:
With HC-CARGO you have a wide selection of Rotating Electrics at your disposal in your workshop. We supply Starters and Alternators for nearly all European Applications, making us a reliable supplier.

• Comprehensive program
• For passenger cars, commercial vehicles, industrial machinery, agricultural, marine and various outdoor power equipment
• Detailed application list and cross references
• All units are sold outright (i.e. no core charge)

Spare Parts for Starters and Alternators:
HC-CARGO offers the market a wide selection of spare parts for Starters, Alternators, DC motors and Dynastarters. You’ll never fail to find what you are looking for at HC-CARGO; we are your expert in spare parts.

Alternator and Generator components
• Repair solutions for numerous applications:
• Brackets, covers, pulleys, shafts nuts & mounting bushings
• Extensive range of regulators, rectifiers, stators, bearings, brushes, etc.
• All kind of brackets and various repair kit solutions plus many more components required when repairing alternators of all types

Starter Motor, D.C. Motor and Dynastarter Components
• Comprehensive range of starter and dynastarter components
• Armatures, field coils, drives, solenoids, brush sets, bushings, all kinds of brackets and various repair kit solutions plus many more components required when repairing starters of all types

A/C Compressors and Components:
HC-CARGO supply A/C compressors and components for a variety of applications. Our A/C range is competitive on price and quality and continuously expanding to offer you the best components to cover all your workshop requirements.

• Detailed application lists and cross references
• Coverage of the most popular European vehicles

Compressor Components
• Wide range of compressor spare parts
• Universal parts as o-rings, shaft seals, oils, gaskets etc.
• Diagnostic tools

A/C Components
• Wide range of filter/dryers, condensers and expansion valves
• Continuous program extension

HC-CARGO offers a wide selection of lights and lighting products, including multipurpose lights, rotating beacons, bulbs, work lamps, reflectors and many other related products. You can find whatever you need both for your workshop and your customers.

• Rear multi-function lamps
• Rotating beacons
• Bulbs
• Work lamps
• Reflectors
• Many more lighting related products

Electrical Components:
HC-CARGO offers a wide range of electrical components. The range includes ignition coils/modules, battery main switches/contacts, wiper blades, rear-view cameras/alarms, glow plugs & sensors… to mention a few. Every electrical component you could imagine, we supply.

Electrical Parts and Engine Management

• Electrical pumps, horns, blowers, ignition switches, wiper motors, arms and blades
• Gauges, battery isolators and converters
• Universal lambda sensors
• Safety equipment such as parking assistants, reverse alarms and rear observation systems
• Glow plugs and shutdown solenoids

Workshop Consumables:
HC-CARGO offers a wide range of tools and installation materials. The range includes cables/leads, multimeters, terminals, fuses and much more for the auto repair shop.

• Wiring, fuses, relays, plugs, sockets, multi-function testers and extractors
• A wide range of switches and contacts for almost any purpose