Experts in petrol fuel injection systems

As diesel injection specialists, of course we’ve invested heavily in our diesel pump and injector facility – but so we could also offer the highest quality service when it comes to petrol systems, we’ve added a Delphi ASNU petrol injector diagnostic system to our workshop.

Delphi’s diagnostic system can both test and clean old and new types of petrol injectors – it makes use of ultra-sonic cleaning methods to remove dirt from the injector’s pintle and seats, returning fuel flow to a high level of efficiency.

Traditionally, petrol injectors were only replaced when they failed – but with tighter constraints on emission levels, and the cost of fuel escalating, regular maintenance will become more and more important. By testing (and thoroughly cleaning) a vehicle’s petrol injectors, performance and fuel economy can be improved, as well as lowering pollution levels. Additionally, cost savings can be made since this type of maintenance will reduce, and in most cases eliminate, the need for injector replacement.

We offer a full service that incorporates testing, cleaning and then retesting your petrol injectors with the Delphi – ASNU petrol injector diagnostic system. Once retested, we compare the results with the initial test data and send them back to you with the injectors so you can see the improvements as well as feel them. We will normally have your injectors back to you within 72 hours of receiving them.

Simply download our online form and send it to us, along with your petrol injectors, securely wrapped – a well-padded Jiffy bag is ideal. The cost for this service is £17.50 + VAT per injector, plus return postage. Standard postage and packaging is £4.99, while Royal Mail Special delivery is £9.99 – the latter ensures peace of mind, as it offers compensation of up to £500 for lost packages.