Bosch Quality Scan.

TT are happy to announce we have been accredited with the world wide Bosch Quality Scan procedure.

As a Bosch Diesel Centre we are part of the international diesel workshop organisation of Bosch, the leading supplier of diesel technology and No. 1 in development and original equipment of Diesel Systems.

Quality is the objective here, this is why Bosch marks all common rail injectors and pumps repaired by an authorised Bosch diesel specialist with proof of quality.

Common rail injectors (CRI) and common rail injection pumps (CP) are marked by a specific adhesive repair ID label, whilst ID clips are used for common rail injectors for commercial vehicles (CRIN).

Quality scan clips and labels

Bosch repair quality implies use of:
Certified testing facilities, special repair and testing methods, original test data and genuine spare parts from Bosch and employees comprehensively trained by Bosch.

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