New Fuel Filter Funnels in Stock

Mr FunnelIntroducing ‘Mr Funnel’, the fuel filter funnel designed to remove all water, harmful debris and dirt from everything!

Diesel and petrol pumps do not like water. Even if you’ve stored the fuel correctly, condensation can still get in and the results are costly and inconvenient. So why risk it?

Whether it’s diesel, petrol, heating oil or kerosene, this product really works. We even tested it over a colleague’s head and no water got through at all (much to my disappointment!).

Using this product couldn’t be easier – place the funnel into the tank that is to be filled with fuel, steadily pour in to the top of the funnel, and the filter will remove any water or debris, only ‘pure fuel’ will be passed through. All unwanted product will be gathered into the sump and the filter is ready for use again. You will be amazed to see what could have got through to the engine!

Mr Funnel is the first portable device of its kind, which makes it far more convenient and easy to use.

And it’s not just for the vehicle market; our plant machinery customers love it. It’s great for agricultural engines, generators, motorcycles and cars, or perhaps your recreational time is spent on the water, and maybe you’re lucky enough to own a boat, Jet Ski, plane…or a lawnmower! Whatever your requirements give it a try.

What’s more this is a totally maintenance free product.

Mr Funnel is available in four sizes, all at excellent prices plus FREE DELIVERY.  

Small £11.70, Medium £16.40, Large £19.55, Extra Large £40.80 (prices plus VAT).

For full approx sizes take a look at the video and contact us today and ask for ‘Mr Funnel the Fuel Filter Funnel’ (if you can that is!).

Add one to your order today!

Phone 0800 018 1812 or send us an email.





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    Thanks for getting in touch – can you call us on 0800 018 1812 with the vehicle registration number so we can source the right filter? Or send an email to and we’ll get back to you asap.

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